Requested Donation Items (2016)

Hail and Blessings, everyone!

Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day 2016 is coming up in September, and we're excited to have a wonderful array of vendors and workshops already set for the event (we still have room for more, including performers, so, if you are interested, please drop a note to us at The deadline is July 15th.)


FOOD: Entry is free to the event, but we do ask for a donation of canned food. The food donations will go to the Mazzoni Center Food Bank. Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day is, foremost, a harvest celebration, so helping to fill a local food bank is the primary giveback to the community.

CAT SUPPLIES: Also, we would very much appreciate donations to go to Forgotten Cats, which is a Trap/Neuter/Release and very humane organization whose services I have used personally. They are in need of cat food donations, linens, wet kitten food, and even old newspapers (please, though, not wet or gross newspaper donations).

BOOKS: A third tier of donations is also welcomed: gently used Heathen, Wiccan, and Pagan books. These donations will go to the local efforts of Books Through Bars (BTB) and In-Reach Heathen Prison Services (through Distelfink Sippschaft and The Troth).

Some titles that are particularly needed:

Heathen (would go primarily to In-Reach)

"Our Troth" by Kveldulfr Gundarsson, volumes 1 and 2
"Essential Asatru" by Diana Paxson
"Poetic Edda" - most any translation
"Prose Edda" - most any translation
"A Dictionary of Urglaawe Terminology" by Schreiwer and Eckhart
"The First Book of Urglaawe Myths" by Robert L. Schreiwer
"Taking Up the Runes" by Diana Paxson
"Working Within" by Diana Paxson
"Introduction to the Elder Troth" by Gundarsson
Any rune books by Thorsson or Aswynn
Any publication by The Troth

Wiccan, Pagan, General Mythology (would go primarily to BTB) 

"Living Wicca" by Scott Cunningham 
"The Spiral Dance" by Starhawk 
"The Iliad" - most any translation 
"The Odyssey" - most any translation 
"The Upanishads" - most any translation 
"Drawing Down the Moon" by Margaret Adler 
Mythology books from any tradition 
Practical guides to any Pagan tradition 

Monetary donations are also welcomed to any of the beneficiaries or to Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day.

We can also use extra 10' x 10' tents on the day of the event, if anyone has any that they do not mind loaning to us. 

Please direct folks to our sites ( and keep the word of mouth spreading! 

Thank you all! 

The PPPD Organizers' Committee