Workshop Presenters 2018

AMY BLACKTHORN: Amy Blackthorn's lifelong work has been magical plants and teaching. She uses her experiences in British Traditional Witchcraft with her horticulture studies. Amy's company, Blackthorn Hoodoo Blends, creates tea based on old hoodoo formulas. Her book, "Blackthorn's Botanical Magic" is out today.

BARD DAFYDD: Bard Dafydd is the Senior Druid of Red Oak Grove, ADF. He’s a professional trainer, storyteller, and speaker. Within ADF he has held the offices of Vice ArchDruid, Chief of the Council of Senior Druids, Chief of the Welsh Kin, Chief Seer and Chief Bard – but not all at the same time!

 See our Keynote Speaker page.

HEATHENS AGAINST HATE: Heathens Against Hate leads a panel discussion on social challenges within Heathenry. Featured panel speakers are Lagaria Farmer, Associate Steer of The Troth, Ethan Stark, Public Relations Director of Heathens Against Hate, and Leo Evangelista, Heathens Against Hate member and community contact. 

RED OAK GROVE, ADF: We are a group of Neopagan Druids centered in the Delaware Valley (PA, NJ & DE) who are serious about worshiping the Celtic Gods in a modern context. We were founded at Summer Solstice in 1997 and have provided a public ritual at almost every single High Day since then. 

TARA MAGUIRE: Tara Maguire has been a practicing witch for over 30 years. She co-hosts the podcast, Down at the Crossroads, with Christopher Orapello, and together they founded Blacktree Coven- a traditional witchcraft coven in NJ. Their first book- Besom, Stang, & Sword- is due out from Weiser Books in 12/2018.