Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day 2015

Hail and Blessings!

PPPD is anchored to the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Thus, in 2015, the event will fall on Saturday, September 5!

We wish to continue to foster cooperation and fellowship among our varied communities. There will be other community events throughout the ensuing months. We invite folks to join the Delaware Valley Pagan Network Meetup group and the Philadelphia Pagan Pride Meetup group. 

Each group has a respective page on Facebook: DVPN and PPPD.

Thank you!

Philadelphia Pagan Pride

Press Release:

PRESS RELEASE August 23rd, 2014

The mission of the Pagan Pride Project is to foster pride in Pagan identity through education, activism, charity and community. In keeping with that mission, Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day is intended to bring together Heathens and Pagans of all traditions to advance understanding, communication, and fellowship among the various communities.

Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day is an open, public, family-friendly harvest event. We welcome anyone to participate who supports our mission and/or wishes to learn more about the Pagan community and our beliefs. An important facet of the mission is to build community among Pagans, Heathens and adherents of non-traditional faith systems and to educate the greater community about those beliefs. The event is designed as a celebration of life and of a community that contains diverse elements. That being said, we also find hate and intolerance in any form abhorrent and counterproductive to our mission.

We on the board of Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day are committed to our stated mission as part of the greater Pagan Pride Project. The integrity of the PPPD and its mission and the safety of the participants are our primary obligations as organizers of the event.

Any decisions made regarding changes to the schedule of events are based solely on the effort to fulfill our mission and to provide an enjoyable and meaningful event for our community. The views, opinions, and outside affiliations of the participants and attendees of Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day do not necessarily reflect the views of the organization, its board, or event volunteers.

In love and light, bright blessings,
The Board of Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day