Deadline for Vendor Application Submissions Extended

Hail and Well Met!

The PPPD Board has decided to extend the deadline for vendor application submissions to Wednesday, July 22. Please note that we will also accept applications after July 22, but there is no guarantee that the vendor will be listed in the program.

Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day 2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic event! We already have more vendors signed up for this year than in the prior two years! We also have more workshop and entertainment submissions!

Thank you all for your support!

Call for Volunteers for Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day

Hail all!
As we draw closer toward getting the program set into place for our third Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day on September 5 at Clark Park, we are putting out calls for volunteers for the event. We are in particular need of extra hands to help with setup in the morning (7:00 AM-10:00 AM in particular).

Vendors often could use a hand with unloading or setting up tents. Although we are currently actively pursuing some sort of parking solution, the parking in the area can sometimes cause vendors to have to walk quite a distance between their vehicles and their tent sites.

Additionally, the PPPD board members have several tents and tables to set up, too, while still trying to help vendors, workshop presenters, performers, and attendees to get oriented. We'd welcome some more folks to help with set up.

We can certainly use volunteers at other times throughout the day (folks to help out at the main booth or to help performers set up/tear down, to keep an eye out for any potential trouble, to help with tear down at the end of the day, etc.).

If you are interested in volunteering or finding out more, please drop a note with your contact information to


The Philadelphia Pagan Pride Board of Directors