Krampuslauf Philadelphia: The Parade of Spirits

Krampuslauf Philadelphia will take place on Saturday, December 13, 2014, at Liberty Lands Park. This wondrous community-based and community-oriented event is open to all and includes elements of Alpine, Deitsch (Pennsylvania German), and Celtic Yuletide traditions. 

Please note: We are accepting donations at Krampuslauf Philadelphia for two of the same beneficiaries as at Philadelphia Pagan Pride: Mazzoni Center Food Bank and Forgotten Cats. In-Reach Heathen Prison Services will also be present to accept any book donations. For information on the donations and on the Heathen Contingent, please check the Delaware Valley Pagan Network blog.

Thank you!

Philadelphia Pagan Pride Day 2015

Hail and Blessings!

PPPD is anchored to the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. Thus, in 2015, the event will fall on Saturday, September 5!

We wish to continue to foster cooperation and fellowship among our varied communities. There will be other community events throughout the ensuing months. We invite folks to join the Delaware Valley Pagan Network Meetup group and the Philadelphia Pagan Pride Meetup group. 

Each group has a respective page on Facebook: DVPN and PPPD.

Thank you!

Philadelphia Pagan Pride