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Founded in 2017 on the night of the Winter Solstice, the South Street Circle is a Neo-Pagan ritual group based in Philadelphia who gather together to celebrate the Sabbats (seasonal tides of power) in a close-knit communal setting.

Through education, activism, charity and community, the project promotes tolerance and understanding between people with different belief systems. If you are a Pagan, the project can help you find pride and confidence in your path. If you are not a Pagan, the project can help you understand your Pagan friends, coworkers, and family members.

The Philly Pentacle is a free quarterly newsletter produced by the South Street Circle.

Subscription options for mailed, physical copies coming soon!

Witches Betwixt is a collective of queer witches and allies representing a wide variety of magical practices and spiritual paths. We livestream a 60+ minute episode on our Twitch channel every Sunday in which we discuss various topics relevant to the experience of a queer witch.

The Parade of Spirits is a family-friendly, grassroots, community-led event rooted originally in Alpine Germanic and Pennsylvania Dutch, but we encourage participants to share expressions from all cultures and backgrounds. Participants are to dress up in costumes reflecting the shady, shadowy, or downright dark-side characters from lore around the world.


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